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  • Title: The Winner
  • Release year: 1996
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Crime; Thriller
  • Director: Alex Cox
  • Actors: Rebecca De Mornay, Vincent D'Onofrio, Richard Edson, Saverio Guerra, Delroy Lindo, Michael Madsen, Billy Bob Thornton, Frank Whaley, Luis Contreras, Ed Pansullo, Alex Cox
  • Movie length: 92 min.

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The Winner movie was the innovational in 1996. Excellent sound, good picture.

One of the monotonous movies in the Universe, The Winner is before you now! This action is from year 1996 and it would not make you impressed at all. Length of the boring action is 92 mins with not interesting acting of quite good actors like Saverio Guerra, Billy Bob Thornton, Delroy Lindo. The director is not good too, some parts are very long and some are very short. We can tell our opinion that this is the worst of movies of Comedy genre in the world!

If you go to this expecting to see the pioneer picture you will be disappointed. If are expecting a funny movie you will like it. The storyline twist is incredible. The villain is kept undisclosed. The movie is pleasant to watch and humorous.

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This fascinating movie is created in Crime style, created in 1996. The Winner movie has got a really world-class cast, some really stunning production. The Winner movie belongs to Crime category and is created in 1996. Michael Madsen is one of my best actors (who does not enjoy Michael Madsen?) and this was the main reason why I wanted to watch this movie. Michael Madsen was the actor who had magic, who has own reality. It is true, The Winner movie is a truly one of the hottest movie in Crime genre in 1996. Movie time is 92 min. I hope that you will love this film. It is just my point of view.